Leadership in Training (LIT)
To empower the community using their traditional cultural strengths



Leaders in Training invites Indigenous community leaders to a capacity building training opportunity that leads them through a progressive process of completing their community needs assessment in the area of leadership. and to develop and deliver Leadership programming in their community. The main objective of this course is to empower the community using their traditional cultural strengths.   

Participants will be lead through a discovery process to better practice their cultural knowledge, skills and awareness through an experiential learning process. 

This course will place emphasis on Indigenous and western learning theories, culture, ceremony, land-based teachings, and group facilitation on how to best adapt  and transfer these skills in an organic seamless process to empower individuals and the community as a whole. 

The training will be delivered in Modules.  Leaders will practice skills developed in the classrooms (virtually or face to face), and additional skills adapted for individuals, within assigned groups, and within their communities. Leaders will be provided with feedback from their classmates and instructor, throughout the development process of their course. Leaders will have an opportunity to practice delivering their knowledge to their classmates, and instructor before they deliver it in their community.  The instructor will attend and support the first delivery of the program and will continue to offer support for one year after specific arrangements are agreed to.  using either Zoom or telephone.

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